Are you looking for a content creator, writer, editor, or former educator who is…

  • Fearless?
  • Takes risks?
  • A true force to be reckoned with in this world?


…you’re on the wrong website.

If you’re looking for an anxious, quirky, empathetic content creator and editor then YES! You’ve found the right place. Nice to meet you! My name is Gretchen Gales, and I can help you with your next project or learning more about the art of writing without tears*.

*It doesn’t count if I make you cry from laughing or how bad my jokes are. It just doesn’t.

Take a quick glance at what I can do down below. If you’re curious about all that I can do, click on the navigation bar to see all of the projects I’ve been involved with in the past and present. Will you be in my future? See if we’re a fit!

If it matters what I look like, this is a good reference picture. This was pre-pandemic, so it is possible I look more weary and rugged if you were to see me out in the real world. But this is the internet, so we can pretend I’ve gotten enough sleep. Right?

Haven’t I Seen You Around Somewhere?

No, but you’ve probably seen my words.

unless you’re one of my former students trying to leave “I love Ms. Gales” on my website again. I see you procrastinating on your project and I hope you feel bad. But I appreciate the support.

Do your homework.

Anyhow, I have an unspeakable number of Google Docs drafts and completed pieces from the past seven years. Some of those pieces made it to the online stage.

Check out a few of those places below.


Besides being disgustingly determined, annoyingly ambitious, and energized in all that I do, here’s a quick menu of services I provide…

  • Write and edit SEO-optimized content for your blog, business, or creative venture.
  • Press releases and full web copy for your business.
  • Product descriptions for marketplaces such as Amazon.
  • Creative writing workshops.
  • One-on-one coaching and consultations.
  • English language arts tutoring.
  • Editing servicesincluding anthology curation.

See my full Writing Menu for a full array of what each of these includes.

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