Journalism, Essays, Op-Eds, & Other Nonfiction

Gretchen’s journalistic work has appeared in publications such as The Huffington Post, Bustle, Next Avenue, Ms., YourTango, Rooted in Rights, and more. See below for examples of her work. Other samples can be shown upon request.

Disability and Mental health

A writer with Tourette Syndrome and other co-morbid conditions, Gretchen is passionate about using storytelling as a medium for disability advocacy. The featured stories include a mix of journalism, Op-Eds, and personal essays. Bylines include Next Avenue, NAMI, Rooted in Rights, Mookychick, The Dot + Line, and others. Click the links below to read the pieces featured and more:

Next Avenue “A Place Where Artists With Disabilities Thrive”

Rooted in Rights- “Billie Eilish Isn’t Just a Musician with Tourette’s, But She Makes Me Feel Seen”

NAMI – “My Relationship Isn’t Doomed Because of My Mental Illness”

Mookychick – “How Frozen Helped Me to Accept My Anxiety Disorder”

The Dot + Line – “Diane Nguyen Taught Me Not to Be a Martyr for My Writing”

Quail Bell Magazine – “Why Using Identity-First Language Empowers Me (But Doesn’t Have to Empower You)”

Quail Bell Magazine – The ADA Can’t Bring Disabled Communities Equity Until We Address Inequities in Diagnosis”

The Mighty – “My Anxiety Doesn’t Make Me Less of a Christian”

Blanket Sea – “What ‘Raising Tourette’s’ Means to Me as Someone Diagnosed in Their 20s” 

The Handy, Uncapped Pen – “Authentic Experiences of Disability in Young Adult Literature”

Social Justice, Pop Culture, and Feminism

Gretchen’s work often draws in examples from current events to support bigger ideas about injustices in the world. These pieces have appeared in Bustle, The Huffington Post, Ms., and others.

Bustle –“Why Are There So Few Biracial Dolls?”

Ms. – “The Manchester Bombing was an Attack on Women and Girls”

The Establishment, Role Reboot, and The Huffington Post – “What My Kidney Stone Taught Me About Sexism in the ER”

YourTango – “You Don’t Actually Care About My Health If You Congratulate Me On My Unhelthy Weight Loss”

Quail Bell Magazine – “A Complicated Apology: Lady Gaga and R. Kelly”


As an educator, Gretchen has shared her perspectives on effective methods in education and accessible tips for both other teachers and parents. Her education-focused writing has appeared in Teaching Tolerance, Maed, and Life360 Tips. See more education content under her blog.

Teaching Tolerance – “Engaging Students in Social Justice with ‘Zines”

Life360 Tips – “6 Qualities of a Good Teacher” 

Life 360 Tips – “4 Ways to Stop Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes in Elementary School” 

Maed – “A Teacher Shares: 3 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Read During Quarantine”

Maed – “3 Sustainable Crafts and Activities Your Kids Can Do for Earth Day”

Lifestyle, features, Special Interest Pieces, and Reviews

Gretchen’s content writing covers a wide range of subjects, such as tiny homes, animals, weddings, cars, and more. She has written content for sites such as Life360 Tips (MGID), Maed, Car Story, Unite Virginia (Q Magazine), projects of the San Francisco Globe, Aleteia, and other sites. She also writes reviews of books, music, movies, and other media. Reach out to her for review queries.

Maed – “6 Books That Honor Our Parents During Mother and Father’s Day”

Maed – “How To Celebrate Your Graduate During Quarantine”

Maed – “Hit Pause: 3 Mindfulness Techniques for a Mama’s Busy Schedule”

Life360 Tips – “Cold Weather Style Essentials”

Life360 Tips – “LGBTQ Parenting: What You Need to Know” 

Car Story – “Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Mustang” 

Car Story – “Weighing the Ford Escape vs. Chevy Equinox” 

Car Story – “Rare and Unique Car Colors”

Aromatica Poetica – “Honeysuckle: The South’s Favorite Weed”

“13 Breathtaking Cemeteries from Around the World” – Aleteia For Her (discontinued)

Tiny Home Tour – Various pieces focusing on interesting tiny home set-ups, legal questions, and more.

World of Animals – Fun, special interest pieces about a variety of domestic and wild animals.

Q Media / Unite Virginia – Spring 2016 “Love Wins” Wedding Issue, Summer 2016 Pride Issue, the 2017 LGBTQ Wedding Book, the 2019 Wedding Book, and several online-exclusive pieces.


“The Wicked + The Divine” – Luna Luna 

On Desert Fox by the Sea by Christine Sloan Stoddard – Parhelion Literary Magazine 

The Grief Keeper by Alexandra VillasanteQuail Bell Magazine

“The Small Crimes of War and Living”Quail Bell Magazine

“Southern Merry Go Round: A Review of All That Held UsQuail Bell Magazine