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Menu of Writing Services + Pricing

You need copy or content for your site? I’m on my way!

You’ve got it. I’ve written hundreds of blogs and copy for new and revamped businesses.

Fashion, ecommerce, finance, hotels, health care, home improvement, and so many other topics need a writer’s touch to make your service or product pop! I’ve done it all.

Got a budget? Let’s talk. I sometimes take on special projects for nonprofits and small businesses with limited budgets. If you only need partial services, we can also work out something that’s a better fit.

Check out a few packages I offer to invest in your business.

Blog PAckages

Blog content helps you become besties with Google and other search engines that bring customers to your site. With me, here’s what you can expect…

$500 per 1,000 word blog

-SEO keyword research

-General research on the topic.

-The writing itself.

-Formatting and two rounds of edits.

PACKAGE DEAL: Schedule three blogs for $1,000. Turn it into a monthly package for consistent content…which means more $$$ for you!

Web Copy

Starting from scratch or need a totally revamped site? Customers want a brand that can relate to them or solve their issue ASAP. Do just that with my web copy package, which includes…

-Collaboration with your web designer.

-A strategy session via phone call or video call.

-Five full web pages.

-Integration of SEO keywords.

-Three rounds of edits.

PRICE: $2,000+

Product Descriptions

Your products should have consistent descriptions at the bare minimum. What they also need are descriptions that will be packed with personality and SEO optimized content. Let’s get together and figure out what will work for your brand!

PRICE: $2,000+

The Process

No matter what you choose, here’s what you can expect from me…

  1. A Preliminary Phone or Video Call – Let’s get to know each other! We’ll talk about your brand’s vision and needs and make certain we’re on the same page.
  2. Research – I do some research to ensure I understand what you want to convey. I may also follow-up with some questions for you, but I’ll never blow up your phone.
  3. Writing – I lock myself into a room and write until my fingers fall off. They never do, though.
  4. You Like Me, You Really Like Me! – I send you my drafts. I offer two rounds of edits to ensure your blogs, copy, or other deliverable is what you envisioned.

Why Should I Use a Blog for My Business?

Marketing mavens know that posting at least 3 to 4 SEO-optimized blogs a month brings more eyes to your business and establishes you as an authority. High-quality, human posts are also reusable and stay on your blog for as long as you want with no expiration date or additional cost. Turn content into email marketing or social media posts that are timely and relevant to your audience.

Do You USe AI to Create Your Content?

Accountants use calculators to crunch and confirm numbers. AI technology is simply a tool writers use to brainstorm and make content smarter for you and your audience.

While I utilize AI tools to see different directions and possibilities for your content, everything I write is 100% my own creation, and I’m proud of it. You won’t see me using shortcuts.

Can’t I Just USe AI to Create My Own Content?

You could. But that won’t give you the credibility and audience you want.

Plus, AI has its flaws. It can be repetitive, unoriginal, or simply not as efficient as you would believe it could be. Google craves relatable, human-centered content and AI won’t necessarily keep up with every little change Google makes when crawling through new content.