Testimonials and Shout-Outs

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“Gretchen is an indelible writer/editor and blossoming content strategist. Her work on the culture publication I founded, Quail Bell Magazine, has been remarkable. She never fails to think creatively or pay attention to organizational details. I have found Gretchen’s work for Quail Bell Press & Productions clients to be high-quality, as well. She has helped write, edit, transcribe, research, and promote various materials, products, and campaigns. No matter what kind of communications or publishing work you need completed, consider hiring Gretchen. She is a rare gem.”

Christine Stoddard, Writer, Artist, and Quail Bell Press & Productions founder

“I’ve been working with Gretchen for over 3 years now, and I can say that she is a very talented, resourceful and creative individual. Her poems, essays and digital art collages are simply fantastic, and I’d heartily recommend her for any creative endeavors or writing/editing gigs. Extremely amiable and supportive, you can easily approach her for advice and queries, and she’ll do her utmost best to help you out, in a timely manner. As Quail Bell’s Managing Editor, she’s responsible, proactive and inspiring, and of course, she’s one of the prime for the magazine’s continuing popularity and success. In short, if you have her on your team, consider yourself very lucky.”

Archita Mittra, Writer, Artist, Poetry Editor of Quail Bell Magazine

“I worked with Gretchen on a variety of Quail Bell projects, including the ‘Her Plumage’ anthology and working with Gretchen has been an ideal editor-writer relationship. She is punctual, professional, and highly detailed, ensuring that everything is communicated properly and the work is at its best quality. I’ve been very pleased with the work we’ve done together so far and know I’ll turn to her for more editorial and writing projects in the future.”

Alex Carrigan, Senior Critic of Quail Bell Magazine

I had the pleasure of working with Gretchen Gales at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Athletics’ Tutoring Department. She displayed excellent skills and showed great knowledge when working with both national and international students on their various class subjects–particularly in the field of essay and paper structuring.

Jennifer Campbell, Instructional Assistant (Pemberton Elementary School)

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