Teaching Tools: 5 Writing Prompts for Macbeth

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Macbeth is one of my favorite plays to teach. It’s short, but impactful. If you have an interest in teaching your students Macbeth, there are many ways to adapt your curriculum to fit their needs. Many adaptations of the play exist, including the classic text, graphic novels, movies, and more.

First thing’s first: you should have an arsenal of good, open-ended writing prompts for daily journals or short writing assignments. These are especially useful for classes who need immediate “real life” connections to the text. They’re also ready in a pinch if you have to find last-minute materials. I’ve assembled some basic, yet aesthetically-pleasing journal prompts to help guide written discussion. You may be surprised at what students come up with, so don’t forget to let them share their ideas out loud.

Caution: For prompts and other content relating to fortunes and spells, be conscious of your school community’s attitudes towards topics involving the occult. Some families are uncomfortable with anything related to these topics, so have an alternative assignment ready. For journals, tell them they can write on a different topic.


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